Organic Grown Steamer Chicken | Whole (Frozen)

Whole – Head & Feet On | 1-1.3kg


Estimated delivery: 19/06/2024

Our Organic Grown Steamer Chicken from Aurum Poultry Co. offers unparalleled nutritional value and a richer meat essence. It is renowned for its superior concentration of nutrients, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a wholesome addition to their diet. Particularly, old hens are prized for their ability to impart powerful nourishment in long-cooking dishes like double-boiled soups, where extended cook times are essential to extract their full depth of nutrients and flavour. Enjoy the profound benefits and exquisite taste of our organic grown steamer chicken in your next culinary creation!
Our Organic Grown Steamer lives a “long” and fruitful life of 400 days (the threshold for a hen to qualify as “old”) in our collaborators’ farms in Victoria.
Each whole organic grown steamed chicken will weigh between 1kg and 1.3kg. We always endeavour to provide the highest quality, specialty poultry products.