Corn-Fed Duck Offal Mix | Moorabool Valley

Liver, Gizzard and Heart – 450g


Estimated delivery: 30/05/2024

Duck Offals are delicious and easy to prepare – simply simmer them in water on the stove until they’re cooked evenly through. Roasting them alongside the bird is also an option. Adding duck offals to your recipe will give it a unique flavour that you’ll love. So next time you’re making a bird dish, be sure to include some duck offals!
Our ducks grow and develop in a low-density, natural environment in Moorabool Valley. Unlike the commercial system, which will have a 38-day turnaround on ducks, we opt for a slower 50-day period. This not only leads to a better environment for the ducks, but also allows their meat to develop a better texture and stronger flavour.
Our Aurum corn-fed duck offal mix is available to purchase online, packed in 450g. We endeavour to provide the best-tasting, cleanest, and highest-quality duck liver, gizzard, and heart mix on the market.