(Signature) Salt Baked Pullet | Ready to Cook

28 Minutes Cooking Time | Serve 4


Estimated delivery: 19/07/2024

Prepare to indulge in the tantalizing flavours of this classic chicken gai dish, salt-baked pullet chicken. Aurum Poultry Co. brings you a ready-to-cook product that retains moisture and releases smoky, salty flavour for a juicy and succulent bite. Salt Baked Chicken, or Jim Guk Gai (鹽焗雞) in Chinese, is a classic dish that is loved by many. Traditionally prepared by covering a whole chicken with a large amount of stir-fried salt and baking it, Aurum Poultry Co. has created a simpler, ready-to-cook version, perfectly suited to those with fast paced, busy lifestyles who are looking for an easy product create a delicious meal but who don’t want to compromise on quality. With the use of its locally-raised slow-grown Fook Wong Pullet Chicken, Aurum Poultry Co has worked with its culinary team to create a product that retains the moisture of the pullet chicken whilst releasing its flavour, resulting in juicy meat imbued with a smoky, salty ‘gai’ flavour that is ready in only 28 minutes.
In just 3 steps and 28 minutes, you can experience the authentic tastes of a classic Asian chicken dish. No added preservatives Using 100% Fook Wong Pullet Chicken Can be cooked in either a rice cooker, a conventional oven or air fryer
Approx. 1kg pack