Corn-Fed Duck | Moorabool Valley | Whole

Whole – Head & Feet On | 1.8-2 kg


Estimated delivery: 17/04/2024

Our Aurum corn-fed whole duck showcases the perfect marriage between the gifted terrains of the Moorabool Valley and the attentive care of the local farmers. Cooks at home will first notice a much darker cherry-red shade in our duck meat, which is a sign of its quality and more robust flavour. Another noticeable difference is the thicker, yellowish layer of subcutaneous fat between its outer skin and meat. This contributes to a greater rendering process with the skin crisping up beautifully when cooked. Further to that, the fat also helps the duck to absorb flavour during the cooking process while preserving the meat’s moisture so that it will come out perfectly tender.
Each of our ducks grows up slowly over 50 days in a natural, low-density environment in Moorabool Valley. This, compared to the commercial system’s average of 38 days, allows our duck meat to develop a stronger flavour and better texture.
Each whole duck with head and feet on will weigh between 1.8kg and 2kg. We always endeavour to provide the highest quality, specialty poultry products.