(Signature) Fook Wong Chicken – Pullet | Whole

Whole – Head & Feet On | 1-1.3kg


Estimated delivery: 19/06/2024

Asian cooking revolves around bringing joy and good health to diners. In many ways, our Fook Wong Chicken mirrors such philosophy, as the hybrid breed leads a happy, “slow” life that gives them less fat but more ‘gai’ chicken flavour and collagen. Fook Wong Pullet Chicken’s (young hen chicken which has yet to lay an egg) advantages are best exemplified through milder cooking methods such as poaching, steaming and slow cooking. Along with the springy golden skin, its tender flesh carries a mellow sweetness with a tiny bit of chew. No wonder it is highly sought after among award-winning chefs and gastronomes.
Working tirelessly with our farms, we dedicate substantial consideration to the barn design, rearing technique, feed production and processing operation, to raise this specialty ‘gai’ chicken, best for authentic Asian cooking and to be the shining light of a wholesome dinner or celebratory feast. For those who prefer a more delicate poultry option need not look further than our Fook Wong Pullet Chicken. Cultivated for about 90 to 120 days, the pullet’s slick yellow feathers and rosy cheeks exudes a gentleness which translates into a subtle gustatory profile.
Each whole pullet chicken with head and feet on will weigh between 1kg and 1.3kg. We always endeavour to provide the highest quality, specialty poultry products.