Silkie Chicken

Whole – Head & Feet On | 400-600g


Estimated delivery: 19/07/2024

Our silkie chicken meat is remarkably tender and filled with sweet meat juice. Boiled soup is the optimal cooking preparation. Together with medicinal herbs like codonopsis, astragalus and angelica, the chicken is cooked with its bones smashed, allowing the nutrients inside to be released.
Silkie chicken has occupied a special place in Asian cuisine for centuries. Not only a gastronomic treasure, the bird is also embraced by Traditional Chinese Medicine for its nutritional qualities – it strengthens our “yin” faculties, reinvigorating our kidney and delaying the iron deficiency anemia among ageing women. Its nourishing properties are also approved by modern nutritionists, as they are high in antioxidants (melanin), protein and Vitamin B.
Each whole silkie chicken with head and feet will weigh between 400g and 600g. We always endeavour to provide the highest quality, specialty poultry products.