Guinea Fowl

Whole – Head & Feet On | 800g – 1.2kg


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Guinea fowl is a great alternative to chicken for a warming dinner. It has a lovely, subtle flavour that is slightly gamey but very pleasant. Guinea fowl meat is also high in protein and low in cholesterol, making it a healthy option for any meal. To cook guinea fowl, simply use any recipe that you would use for chicken. As guinea fowl is generally a smaller bird, cooking methods that help retain moistness are recommended (e.g. pot roasting or making casseroles). This delicious bird is sure to please everyone at the table!
Based on seasonality, we source different types of prime game birds from various boutique farms across Australia.
Each whole guinea fowl will weigh between 800g and 1.2kg. We always endeavour to provide the highest quality, specialty poultry products.