A love letter from two brothers to the bountiful land of Australia

Aurum Poultry Co. is a love letter from two brothers to the bountiful land of Australia.

Having grown up in a traditional Asian family, Sam and Danny Wong form a bond with their family and the community through their shared culinary memories. The duo vividly remembers the jokes they cracked with their relatives at a family dinner, and the festivities behind the ends of every lunar year. One element remains constant: a chicken – fresh, bouncy resilience, incredible ‘gai’ chicken flavour, locally sourced and cooked to perfection – is always present at the centre of the dining table.

That is why in 1999, the brothers founded their family-owned poultry business with the intention of serving families like them, who place a premium on the freshness of the products. Soon they were joined by company director Henning Skallebaek, a veteran duck farmer who focuses on artisanal farming approaches and since then, Aurum Poultry Co. has concretised a business vision that went against the quantity-oriented farming practices at the time. The poultry farms directly operated by the brand across Victoria exemplify a consciousness towards animal welfare and the surrounding environment, which distinctively translates to the taste of the meat.

Early success gave the team additional capacity to realize their philosophy. Aurum Poultry Co. began collaborating with other boutique family-owned poultry and gamebird farms in the state. Many of these outlets were struggling to survive when their contracts were discontinued by commercial poultry companies seeking larger-scale production to cut costs. Through the initiative, more than 10 collaborating farms benefit from an improvement of farming techniques and facilities. Plans to expand the model to other states in Australia are in the works.

To this date, the produce of Aurum Poultry Co. can be found in many Chef-hatted restaurants and fine food stores. Most notably, these products epitomize the richness of the Australian land on which our animals are cultivated. Our brand aims to carry on the time-honoured wisdom and at the same time take it to the next level, spreading the culture of sustainable farming and eating to a wider audience.

Beyond that, it is thanks to 100 our staff members who, while working in various positions, dedicate the same amount of care and passion towards producing the finest poultry, that our business is allowed to grow consistently and garner the favour of food lovers and professionals alike. The story of Aurum Poultry Co. starts with two people. It has now been – and will continue to be – enriched by millions of Australians with a love for quality food ingredients.