Century Duck Eggs

Moorabool Valley | Half Dozen (6 eggs)


Estimated delivery: 19/07/2024

Century duck egg is a Chinese delicacy that can be used for cooking or served individually as an appetiser. Aurum Poultry Co’s product is a superior rendition that does justice to the age-old culinary tradition: the eggs laid by our Moorabool Valley Corn-fed Ducks are known for their deep flavour and golden yellow egg yolk. Once obtained, they are preserved for 45 days without lead or any other preservatives. The natural curing process brings forth exceptional appearance and taste. When the shell is removed, a stunning pine branch pattern exclusive to excellent century eggs is visible on the surface. The smooth and gelatinous egg white offers a welcome textural contrast to the yolk, which is soft, gooey, and imbued with an eggy aroma.
The production process of the century eggs takes place entirely at our farms in Victoria – a low-density habitat for the Moorabool Valley ducks to grow up slowly on natural feed.
Our century duck eggs are available to purchase online, in a pack containing 6 eggs each.

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