Free Range Chicken Eggs

700g | Dozen


Estimated delivery: 19/07/2024

Stress-free lifestyle naturally leads to quality eggs. As you crack them open, you will find the shells to be firmer than normal eggs – a result of the nourishing diet the hens follow. Similarly, the clear egg white and bright yolk also set our eggs apart from their commercial counterparts. Nutritious and full of flavour, they are best served with our sausages and bacon in a wholesome all-day breakfast.
Our Free Range Farm Eggs are completely produced in Victoria by our collaborator farms. The farmers working there master a specialised hen feeding programme and dedicated farming techniques. Most importantly, the hens which lay the eggs spend the whole day in a spacious outdoor environment, roaming leisurely around open pastures and grazing on grass and insects.
Available to purchase by the dozen online, our free-range chicken eggs are fresh, clean, and tasty.

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