We are Australian poultry specialists focusing on producing and processing the finest chicken, cockerel, ducks and game birds for chefs and cooks who appreciate the flavours and textures of traditionally raised birds. We grew up in a household where poultry dishes were the centrepiece of meals, where high-quality birds were both respected, and expected.

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Exceptional quality. Nothing less. We are committed to providing our customers with safe, high-quality and delicious poultry and game bird products. Our sustainable farming practices are animal-friendly and environment-friendly.

Delivered to your door We understand that freshness is the key when it comes to deliciousness. That's why we make sure that your order is delivered in a refrigerated van, always keeping them at a temperature of below 4°C.

Ask our experts Our team of customer service and poultry experts are available 6 days a week between 9am and 5pm on Monday to Friday; 8am and 1pm on Saturday.

Aurum Poultry Co.

Farming for the Future

Aurum Poultry Co is a collective of Australian poultry specialists dedicated to producing the finest locally reared chicken, cockerel, pullet, duck and game birds. We strive for poultry with a rich, deep flavour and a defined texture. This can only be achieved through excellence in farming and animal husbandry. An old saying goes: ‘you can’t make a sad bird taste good’. We understand that to produce a premium eating experience our flocks must be well-fed, well-watered, well-sheltered and cared for throughout their lives.

Forming close relationships with a selection of small, hand-picked family farmers throughout Victoria, the Aurum Poultry Co. founders and farm team have shared their traditions and knowledge with its farming cooperative in order to grow perfect birds and create refined poultry products. Aurum Poultry Co. farms utilise well-honed farming techniques and the highest level of farming and animal husbandry in the industry. We also have a state-of-the-art processing facility in Melbourne’s west employing 100 people. Aurum Poultry Co. understands the great importance of freshness in delivering a superior product. Looking after every aspect of its production, from the farming and rearing of the birds, to transport, processing and packaging, allows Aurum Poultry Co. to bring the freshest specialty poultry to professional chefs and home cooks across Australia.

Highlights of Our Farming Approach

We understand that achieving great flavour takes patience. While the chicken industry-standard lifetime is 42 days from hatching to processing, our Fook Wong Chickens are grown out to between 100-120 days to develop muscle, strengthen the bone, and allow the legs & breast to develop tone, colour, and texture.

The strict low-density requirements from our partner farmers to grow Fook Wong Chicken sees a maximum stocking rate at just 30kg per square metre, well below the industry code requirement of 40kg per square metre. This means fewer birds with more room to run and to spread their wings while preventing aggressive actions that can be caused by unnecessary overcrowding. That active movement is key to building muscle and muscle means great texture and flavour.

Over the years, we have refined and perfected our products by establishing close relationships; sharing our traditions, knowledge, and culture with a collection of small, hand-picked family farmers across the country. Many of these partnered farmers were struggling to survive when their contracts were discontinued by commercial companies seeking larger-scale production to cut costs. Through the initiative, more than 10 collaborating farms benefit from our shared well-honed best-practice farming techniques.

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